Arbat street

Arbat Street

Welcome to Arbat street. The heart and soul of Russia. Moscow is steeped in history and cultural significance. While the Red Square and Kremlin is perhaps the most famous site in the city, Arbat Street is famous in its own right. Representing Moscow’s soul, the street is a vibrant and historic location.


Located about a 25-minute walk west of Red Square. It is a perfect stop for any Moscow tourist. The pedestrian only street is a central location in Moscow.
Due to New Arbat Avenue, or Novy Arbat, being nearby within the same Arbat district. Visitors should be careful not to confuse the street with New Arbat Avenue.

Arbat street


Arbat street is an integral part of Moscow’s history. One of the oldest surviving streets. It is not clear when it came into existence. It tells many tales and has evolved throughout the centuries.
At its youngest in the 15th century, Arbat street was a mix of skilled merchants and traders. A fire devastated large areas in 1493. The fire, caused by a candle in the Church of St. Nicholas in Peski, led to restructuring and restoration.
By the time of the 18th century, street was on the rise. Now seen as a prestigious place, Russian nobility began settling in.
Some of Russia’s most famous families are known to have had houses on Arbat Street. This era filled Arbat street with a wealth of culture. Artists, academics, soviet officials, and famous families shape our perception of the street. The Tolstoy and the Sheremetev are perhaps Arbats most famous residents.

Leo Tolstoy


Any visitor to Arbat Street will get a chance to experience its vibrant and lively atmosphere. Restaurants, museums, cafes, and bookstores line the nearby streets. The street is bustling with activity in every season.


Along the street, you can enjoy many performances. Street musicians and dancers perform while portrait artists offer quick drawings. Russian youth gather on Arbat to play the songs of Russian songwriters. Viktor Tsoi and his band Kino are a popular choice for street artists. A nearby graffiti wall has been dedicated in their honor.

A perfect homage to one of Arbat’s former residents, tourists can visit the Pushkin House Museum along the street. With a statue of Pushkin outside, the cyan house provides insight into the poet’s home.

Other attractions include:

  • A monument to the songwriter Bulat Okudzhava
  • The Melnikov House
  • The Wall of Peace
  • The Spaso House
  • Russian State Library

Monument of Bulat Okudzhava

Visitors may notice the notable statues along the street. Princess Turandot can be found in front of the Vakhtangov Theatre.

Arbat street is a great place for an interesting stroll. Along the promenade, plenty of cafes offer local cuisine. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee while watching the street activity pass-by.

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