Bunker 42

Bunker 42

At Bunker 42, you will find a unique underground facility. Bunker 42 is the only declassified military object in Russia. Located 65 meters below ground, visitors can tour the bunker and tunnel system beneath Moscow.

History of Bunker 42

Construction of the bunker system began in the early 1950s. This was in connection with the USA inventing a new weapon of mass destruction. The USSR government decided that with the threat of nuclear war, they would build their own atomic weapon and bunker.

Safe place in case of atomic bomb attack

A series of nuclear tests by the Soviet Union outlined the bunker restrictions. In order to survive nuclear fallout, the bunker must be further than 165 feet (50.29 m) below ground. The bunker system was also to be top-secret, so the builders had a complicated task. They needed to build a large structure beneath the city without alerting the public.

To build at such a depth, the builders applied the same tunnel technique as the Moscow Metro subway construction.

Built inside a hill close to the Kremlin, Stalin and government officials had quick access to the bunker, if needed.

Dine in

Building works finished in 1956. Thankfully, the bunker was never needed as a nuclear hideout. Instead, Bunker 42 was the base for airstrike command. From this base, officials communicated with aircraft transporting strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons. At the time, workers would have arrived through the metro system. Passing through several checkpoints and blast doors before arriving inside.

After the 1980s, it became clear that the bunker would not stand against the modern weaponry of the age. The command center transferred to a safer place.

As no longer a working military base, a public auction in 2006 sold the bunker off into private ownership. A private company, Novick-Service, bought the bunker with the plans to create a Cold War museum.

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Today, visitors can get a glimpse of what life was like on the Soviet side during the cold war. Bunker 42 retains the KGB rooms, raid sirens, and kilometers of tunnels to provide a real experience.


Visits to the bunker are only available via a scheduled tour. There are a variety of tour packages available for each individual. For example, the more historically inclined can take a guided tour that focuses on the historical details. Complete with state-of-the-art technology and interactive games and quests. The museum is appropriate and engaging for all ages.

Bunker 42 museum

Not just a museum space, visitors can also book the bunker for private functions. The enormous underground area and unique architecture can host a variety of events. Events can include conferences or team-building, exhibitions, role-play games, even paintballing.

The top-secret bunker is 18 floors beneath Moscow. If attending a tour, look for the three-story yellow house with a green gate and red star.

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