Danilovsky market

Danilovsky Market

Danilovsky is a small district just to the south of Moscow’s city center. The district is a vibrant area of Moscow, best known for the Danilovsky Moscow market.

The oldest trading place in Moscow, the market is an exciting place to stop for tourists. Visitors can grab a bite to eat or admire and take in the market’s many smells and colors.

Danilovsky market

Danilovsky History

The Danilovsky Market takes its name from the district and nearby Danilov Monastery. The monastery happens to be the first and oldest in Moscow, founded in 1282 by Saint Prince Daniel. Over the centuries, trade has prospered near the monastery. Its thought that people have used this area as a market for over 700 years.

While a bustling trading place, an official market building was not in place until the 1900s.

Food degustation

It was during the era of the Soviet Union that steps were taken to create a modern marketing building. The building embodies the modernist ideas of the time. Inspired by the Olympic sports hall dome in Luzhniki, the architects designed the striking cupola-shaped roof.

Reaching over 72 meters, the dome resembles a flower made from 14 petals of concrete. This architectural design makes for a bright, large space inside, with good lighting and ventilation.

Alongside the market in Danilovskaya Square visitors can see a merging of eras. Behind the market sites the Khavsko-Shabolovsky residential block. This area embodies the Soviet avant-garde, design from the late 1920s. Beside it stands another example of Soviet avant-garde with the Shabolovka radio tower. Alternatively, to the north of the market visitors can see the Danilovsky department store. This store perfectly illustrates Soviet commercial architecture.

Danilovsky market

This square and the many instances of different designs demonstrate the periods of Russia.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, these buildings were subject to neglect, including the market. In 2017, renovation work began on the building. Renovations were able to restore the market while retaining the original architecture.

Visiting the Market

Today, the market is a bustling environment. Fresh produce, meat, and fish fill the stalls with the addition of about 30 casual eateries.

Meat section of the market\

This set up is quite different from a lot of shopping experiences. The market offers genuine food experiences for those picking up ingredients or grabbing a meal.

Walking through the market, visitors can see stalls with produce piled high. Local honey, homemade cheeses, and fresh fish are on show. It is the ultimate treat for the senses.

Visitors and tourists can access the region and market from all parts of the city. We recommend traveling via the metro system as Danilovsky is close to the Tulskaya stop.
The market is situated on Mytnaya Ulitsa 74 street and is open every day from 08:00 to 21:00 hours.

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