Russian National Dance Show Kostroma

Kostroma Russian National Dance Show

Russia has a rich history and vast culture. When visiting you can visit many attractions, memorials, and historical museums. However, it can be difficult to encapsulate the Russian experience. For the last fifteen years, the “National Ballet Kostroma” company has been in business. Working to portray Russian culture, traditions, and spirit, the company uses dance to tell Russia’s story.


The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” is one of the youngest pro dance companies in the Russian Federation. The company performs in the genre of folk art and represent Russia in shows at home and abroad.

Russian National Dance Show Kostroma

Well recognized around the world, the ballet has performed for Olympic delegations over the years.

The company members come from all over Russia to perform in the ballet. Most now live in Kostroma, where the company resides.

The first professional theatre of folk dance, the company has shown many performances about Russia. Their most recent project is potentially the most popular. The National Russian Dance Show has become a must-see for the many tourists visiting Moscow.


Russian National Dance Show Kostroma

The show uses the art of dance to illustrate the history of Russia and its people. Using historical landmarks, traditions, and customs of multi-national Russia, the show accurately shapes the identity of Russian people throughout the ages. From the Baptism of Russia, Tsarist Russia, and the USSR. The audience can see how historical milestones have shaped the country today.
The show also represents the way of life of various parts of the country. We hear stories from Siberia, the Eurasian Steppe, the mountains of the Caucasus, and Central Russia.

The Kostroma show is a grand performance, with 50 dancers on stage. The show involves 600 handmade costumes, 15 reincarnations, 8 set changes, 10 tons of cargo, and 300 props. With such grandeur, it comes as no surprise that it took a few years to stage the program.

The famous image of Kostroma is “The Girl in Silver”, a woman dressed in blue and silver embroidery. The image represents the delicate art of Kostroma filigree.

Russian Dance Show

Audience members will witness a spectacular display of folk dance, with music, drama, and special effects. The folk instrument orchestra named after Osipov creates the artful soundtrack. Rear-video-projection is used to create an immersive journey into Russian culture. The 3D sets help to elevate the fairy tales and Russian stories told.


The National Ballet “Kostroma” offers over 100 performances over the summer. Visitors can book to see The National Russian Dance Show from June 15th to September 15th in the Folk Theatre. The show is one of the most popular attractions in Moscow. We recommend reserving your tickets far in advance to catch a showing during your visit.

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