Kremlin in Moscow

Moscow Kremlin

A traveler’s journey in Russia is incomplete without seeing the Moscow Kremlin. One of the oldest settlements in the country.

The History of Moscow Kremlin

The very foundations of the Moscow Kremlin is Russian history itself. A city built over the old one for a Millennia. The area has been occupied since the 2nd century. And since then it has been the home of grand dukes, the residence of the tsars and currently the seat of the Russian Government. It’s seen the change in the country from ancient kingdoms to a dazzling empire and now a modern state.

Moscow Kremlin

Built and rebuilt for over a thousand years by the Russian people. The Kremlin’s current walls and towers that surround the ancient city within a city span back to the 1400s when Italian masters were commissioned to create the current facade of the Kremlin to protect the city in wartime, within stands palaces and cathedrals with grand histories that have seen history unfold.

Kremlin Walls

The Meaning of Kremlin

“Kremlin” means citadel. There are several across Russia but the Moscow Kremlin is THE Kremlin, as it is known worldwide. One must never miss the opportunity to see the Kremlin in all its glory. An ancient city within a modern metropolis with its Renaissance buildings standing in contrast to shining silver skyscrapers of the modern world. To touch its foundations is to touch a thousand years worth of stories.

Why you need to visit Moscow Kremlin?

Today, tourists are lucky to see it at all because as the seat of power for kings and governments across history. Many of its iconic spots were once closed off from the public.

Today, you can see the best of the Moscow Kremlin in your trip. Come and see the golden roofed cathedrals where tsars were crowned. Come and see the Ivan the Great Bell Tower that marks the exact center of Moscow, and the twenty Kremlin towers that surround the city.

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