Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro (Subway) – one of the most beautiful railway system in the world.

When a city has a railway system, it becomes a part of the city’s identity. The daily commute imprints into the psyche of its people and becomes an indispensable part of the economy and culture.

Novoslobodskaya subway

But most cities keep their train systems as a purely practical part of life, never growing out of its economic use.

Not in Russia. The Moscow Metro is not only a train system, it’s a work of art.

Subway Art in Moscow

The Moscow Metro is the busiest train system in Europe. And the fourth longest railway system in the world. On a daily basis, it ferries almost 7 million people to their destinations. With the total length of 381 km (237 mi), most of which is underground, it consists of twelve lines and 223 stations.

A Short History

Old metro picture

Built in the 1930 as the “palaces of the people”, the railway systems designed as deep underground systems highlighted by the grand architecture of its stations that rival the museums of Europe.

The Circle Line stations were built in the Stalin empire style. Decorated with sculptures, murals and lighting fixtures all uniquely designed for the Subway.

In World War 2, the Moscow Metro served as an underground haven for the city. Was sheltering the population from bomb raids, resuming essential services underground such as hospitals, shops and even libraries.

Second World War in Metro

By the 1970s, an aesthetic refurbishing of the Moscow Metro was underway, fusing the imperial look of the old metro with the industrial sections. Kuznetsky Most, Pushkinskaya, Gorkovskaya (now Tverskaya) stations were built in a 1930’s style. Standard design stations modernized with a more individual approach. Svibolovo station decorated with small panels and miniatures. Marksistskaya station features Florentine mosaics. Shabolovskaya station has a stained glass panel.

Why You Should Visit the Moscow Metro

Today it is one of the city’s tourist attractions. Visiting the stations like an art and history pilgrimage is common place. Spotting the different eras of architecture and style that marks the whole system. Each decade of its long lifespan marking the Moscow Metro in different ways.


Here, a train commute is elevated from the ordinary. In the Moscow Subway, it’s a passage through time and space, where you can peel back the veil of time and see the past and the present collide.

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