Observation platform of Sparrow Hills

Observation platform of Sparrow Hills

The land of Sparrow Hills has had many purposes over time. Several settlements have occupied the hills since the Middle Ages.

One of the most notable settlements known as the Vorobyovo village. The current name ‘Sparrow’ – in Russain ‘Vorobyovo’ pays homage to this occupation.

Sparrow Hills
The lands have been very popular with Russia’s rulers over the years. Prince Vasili III, the Grand Prince of Moscow, was fond of the hills and would often visit during his reign between 1505-1533. Legend states that he also escaped here when under attack from the Crimean Khans.

The park is no longer needed to provide refuge to Russian royals. Today, Sparrow Hills is known as one of Moscow’s best-known park zones.

Walking in the park

The park has become a must-visit for tourists. Many eager to catch sight of the impressive view from the Sparrow Hills Observation Platform.

Construction came to an end in 1953 and is a perfect example of Stalinist Empire architecture. The Moscow State University, similarly located in Sparrow Hills, displays the same structural style.

Visiting the Observation platform of Sparrow Hills

The platform delivers powerful views at all times of the day. Visitors can appreciate both the natural landscape and man-made structures.

Visiting at night offers the impressive lights of the city. A visit during daylight hours will allow visitors to see almost all of Moscow’s significant buildings.

  • The Luzhniki Stadium (where the 1980 Olympic Games took place)
  • The domes of Novodevichy convent; the Kremlin churches
  • Christ the Savior Cathedral
  • The Seven Sisters, Stalin’s high-rise buildings.

View from the Sparrow Hills

Other Sights of Sparrow Hills

Tourists visiting winter may be lucky enough to be a spectator at the GRM Group Luge World Cup. The natural track of the hill provides a great set up for luge and other sporting activities. In summer, mountain biking competitions and car racing take place.

Sparrow Hills is also the perfect place for motorcyclists to meet with other like-minded individuals. Thousands of motorcyclists gather in summer to show off their bikes.

One of the Seven Sister skyscrapers, you can easily see Moscow State University’s main building. The tallest educational building in the world, it is a grand sight to behold.

Cable car

Getting there

Situated on the high right bank of the Moscow River, Sparrow Hills is pretty central to Moscow.

The deck itself is sat at the very top of the hill but still easily accessible. There is a nearby metro station located at the lower level of the metro-bridge.

From this point, it is about a 15-20-minute walk up the hill.

It is also possible to reach the deck via car. Traveling by car is preferable if you are not looking for an uphill walk.

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