Russian State Historical Museum

Russian State Historical Museum

Moscow’s Red Square is home to some of Russia’s most historic and famous structures. At the northern end of the square, you will find the Russian State Historical Museum.

The impressive crimson building hosts a wide range of collections.

The exhibitions cover Russian history, spanning back to the tribes that lived on the land.

View of Russian State Historical Museum


Before the museum, the Principal Medicine Store once stood in its place. Russian locals would visit this location to access Russia’s first pharmacy.

Russian historians, philosophers, and artists supported the building of a national museum. The museum aimed to commemorate national history.

What will you see in the museum

The decree of Alexander III allowed for the start of construction. The board of trustees, and other historians, managed the museum building. Vladimir Osipovich Shervud (Sherwood) handled the project after a lengthy competition.

The red brick building followed Sherwood’s neo-Russian design.

The structure is also an excellent example of the Russian revival style, with Muscovite motifs.

The grand opening of the Russian State Historical Museum took place in 1898. The museum sourced many pieces from private and royal collections. Many objects and artwork came from the Alexander Palace.

Russian State Historical Museum.

The Soviet Union reign saw the covering of many of the murals. The museum was later able to restore the art.

Visiting Russian State Historical Museum

Since its construction in 1872, the museum has traced Russia’s development over the years.

The Russian State Historical Museum continues to be Russia’s main national museum.

There are 39 halls across the two floors, displaying a complete range of Russian history.

The interior is impressive, representing Russia’s places of historical significance. Upon entering the foyer, visitors see a dramatic sight. Decorated in the style of St Basil’s cathedral, the ceiling outlines the genealogy of Russian tsars.

The museum is an extensive complex, taking visitors through the ages. Each of the 39 halls has different dimensions, much like an imperial palace.

Near the museum entrance, several halls tell of “pre-Russian” history.

Interior of the Museum

The halls display fossils, tools, and pottery from the bronze, silver, and gold ages. Visitors can admire some Scythian gold artifacts and Novgorod scrolls.

The library boasts many ancient manuscripts dating back to the 6th century.
Visitors will also be able to see some of Russia’s most prestigious history. Starting with Kyiv and moving through the ages to the Mongol invasions. The floor gives visitors a detailed look at the land’s extensive history. The second-floor exhibits detail Russia’s more recent history.

The State Museum features some notable pieces. These include a longboat excavated from the banks of the Volga River and Russia’s biggest coin collection.

General admission to the Russian State Historical Museum costs just ₽500.

Tourists should make sure to check the opening times before visiting. Open to all visitors from Wednesday to Monday. Generally, the museum is closed on Tuesdays.

Hall of the museum

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