skydiving in moscow

Skydiving in Moscow (Aerograd Kolomna)

More and more visitors are flocking to Russia each year to skydiving in Moscow. The most prestigious skydiving club in Russia. Aerograd Kolomna is an essential visit for adrenaline seekers.

Kolomna, located almost 75 miles (120.7 km) southeast of Moscow, is one of the oldest towns in the area. A charming town, tourists are attracted to its historical center and kvas (a traditional Russian beverage). Visitors often appreciate the attractive landscape from traditional viewpoints. However, others prefer a higher perspective. Aerograd Kolomna takes individuals to the skies where they can admire the view while skydiving 4000 meters.

Skydiving in Moscow


The Aviation and Technical Sports Club attracts visitors from around the world. One of the oldest clubs in Russia. The club is complete with an aircraft pilot training center and a skydiving school with modern infrastructure. Tourists know the club for its famous drop zone. With a surface area of 250 hectares, Aerograd’s drop zone is the largest in Europe.

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When skydiving in Moscow, parachuters are regularly dropped by the trustworthy Mi-8 helicopter and L-410 airplanes. With an extensive range of aircraft, Aerograd may use other types of aircraft when appropriate.

The club provides its visitors with accommodation, restaurants, an aviation school, and rest areas. Everything that a skydiving school needs to provide a premium experience. In the winter months, visitors can also access a skating rink and piste.


When taking part in a skydiving experience, beginners can choose from two options.

  • Tandem Jump
  • Touch the Sky

 Skydiving in Kolomna

Tandem jumps are a typical skydiving package for beginners. With this option, you jump in tandem with an experienced instructor from an altitude of 4,000 m. This option is best for tourists with less time to spare on their Moscow trip.

The “Touch the Sky” option is a much lengthier program. The program covers over two days of instruction. Students can then jump solo under the supervision of a few instructors. The skydive happens from the same altitude as the tandem. However, solo jumping is a much more adrenaline-fueled experience.

Skydiving in Moscow

There are several special packages, offers, and discounts for qualified skydivers and students.

Skydiving in Moscow is famous in the skydiving community not just for the available drop zone size but for its cost.

Parachuting with Aerograd Kolomna costs notably less than the same experience around the world. While cheap, the club retains the same standards of a premium skydiving school elsewhere.

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Also, Russia’s temperatures play an influential part. The summer temperatures are much milder in Moscow. These climatic factors play an important role and help when learning to skydive.


Kolomna is a 1.5-2-hour drive from the city of Moscow. We recommend booking your transport and Moscow skydiving session ahead of time. This way you can ensure that the trip can fit seamlessly into your visit.

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