Tank riding in Moscow

Tank riding (Military safari in Moscow)

Why you have to try tank riding in Moscow? Russia is well-known for its rich military history. War has impacted many of Moscow’s prime attractions. Whether that war happened centuries ago or within the last 100 years, the history is there. With such a strong military reputation, it’s no surprise that many visitors want to learn more. Plenty of museums and tourist hot spots offer an abundance of information. However, your history lesson does not need to stop there. In Russia, you can not only learn but also experience.

Tank riding in Moscow

It is currently legal in Russia for residents to purchase military rides, including tanks. The military vehicles have had the combat capacities stripped from the tanks. Safe to use, the civilians can traverse Russia’s forests and fields in the military beasts. Tank purchases are limited to Russian residents. As a result, many private companies offer tank riding as an experience package to tourists.

Russia’s tank riding tours and experiences offer the ultimate unique experience. Tourists can visit tank training grounds and understand what it is like to step in a soldier’s boots for the day.

Military safari in Moscow

There are many tank riding experiences available when visiting Moscow. Most will be located just on the outskirts of the city, providing transport out to their military base.


The most popular tank riding companies offer a premium experience. A lot of the tours tend to offer:

  • Full health and safety briefing
  • Military uniform
  • Tank riding
  • Military crash course
  • The possibility of shooting various types of small arms

Tank tours can even offer simulations of firing from the tank’s main cannon or machine guns. As the experiences champion a safe experience, blank shells are the only thing to be fired. The simulations do assure that the experience is as genuine as can be. The tanks offer realistic sound effects and pyrotechnics explosions.

Military safari in Moscow

Adrenaline seekers can even opt into crushing a car with a tank. Feeling the true power of a military machine is an experience you are unlikely to forget. Car crushing is not always available from all Moscow tank experience providers. Make sure to check the package before booking.

Many of the experiences provide tanks used in the second world war, like the Jagdpanther from 1943.

A number of other tanks provided are legendary vehicles developed by the Soviet Union. Prices can differ depending upon the tank chosen and the subsequent experience.

If you want to ride tanks in Russia and learn more about real weapons and the army, we strongly recommend a Moscow tank riding experience.

Tank safari in Moscow

As the experience is so unique to Russia, it tends to be a popular attraction. Tours book up fast.

We recommend booking your tour far in advance. This way, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on such a memorable activity.

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