Wind tunnel in Moscow

Wind Tunnel in Moscow

Wind tunnels, or indoor skydiving, is an experience like no other. Moscow’s vertical wind tunnels offer the feeling of skydiving at a much more affordable cost. Mostly wind tunnel in Moscow offer up the experience to all ages. On average, wind tunnel clubs allow children as young as five the chance to fly.

Moscow is home to some of the world’s largest wind tunnels. Visitors from around the world come to Moscow to seek out the wind tunnel experience.

History of Wind Tunnels in Russia

The first wind tunnels invented were for a science experiment. The large tubes were to be used to replicate aerodynamics in aeronautical engineering.

In the late 19th century, Russia began to create the pioneering wind tunnels. The first-ever was the work of V.A. Pashkevich, a teacher of the Artillery Academy. At the turn of the century, the wind tunnels were being used to aid military research. By 1915, Russia had constructed 18 wind tunnels: 11 in Moscow, 5 in St. Petersburg and 2 in Kaluga.

Since their invention, wind tunnels have gone on to support essential aeronautical research. Horizontal wind tunnels were limiting in some research scenarios. As a result, scientists created vertical counterparts.

The vertical wind tunnels are what we are most familiar with today. Since that point, the technology has come on in leaps and bounds. Vertical wind tunnels are now a crucial part of the training for skydiving experts.

Wind tunnel in Moscow

Indoor skydiving takes place in a controlled environment so anyone can get a chance to experience free fall. The upward currents and windspeeds reach an average of 300 km/h, allowing skydivers to lift off and fly.

The advancements in safety and technology have come a long way since the first creations. The wind tunnels today are safe and make for an accessible experience.


Wind Tunnel in Moscow

Moscow is home to a number of wind tunnel centres. While the tunnel height and wind speed can differ, all centres offer a secure experience.

When booking an indoor skydiving experience, you receive a pre-flight safety training and briefing. Once you understand the body shapes, hand signals and sensations, you can suit up and take to the air.

Adrenaline seekers may wish to seek out the largest wind tunnels in Moscow.

Freezone wind tunnel

Located on the outskirts of the city, Flow Moscow offers a tunnel height of 20 meters at a diameter of 4.5 meters. Flow Moscow is the tallest tunnel within the city centre. If you’re willing to venture further out of the city, 30 kilometres from Moscow stands the Freezone park. The Freezone Aerotube is not only the largest in Moscow but the 10th largest in the world. The Freezone wind tunnel reaches a diameter of 5 meters.

Opting for a larger wind tunnel gives you much more freedom to move and control your body during the flight. This experience is much closer to a real free fall.

Wind tunnels in Moscow are so popular because they offer the premium experience for a much lower price. At Moscow’s verified wind tunnel centres, you can experience something unique during your stay in the city.

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