Russian Ballet at the Top of World

If you have any ballet knowledge you’ll know that Russia has produced the best of ballet in the world. The excellence of Russian dancers, and the genius of Russian composers and choreographers changed ballet. Here’s a quick crash course on why they dominate the world of ballet.

The top three most famous ballets are of Russian origin. Namely, the Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty. Most productions still use the music, choreography and designs of Russian Ballet.

Swan Lake

The History of Russian Ballet

Ballet came into Russia in the 15th and 16th centuries when Peter the Great opened Russia. Fresh from isolation, this new Russia built a society that rivaled the great powers of Europe. This introduced ballet into the country. But unlike other European courts, ballet was not just a dance.

Ballet is used as a “standard of physical comportment to be emulated and internalized, an idealized way of behaving.” The aim was not to entertain the masses of Russians, but to cultivate a new Russian people. Ballet means discipline and excellence.

Ballet Nutcracker

This still rings true today. The ballet world is dominated by Russian dancers. The best ballet companies of any country will at least have one Russian dancer, and will have performed at least one ballet from Russia.

The Homeland of ballet

While ballet troupes often go one world tours to show off their skill, it’s most special when seen in Russia. Today, there are countless ballet troupes that perform all across the country. Beyond Bolshoi and Mariinsky, you will be able to see a ballet performance upon your visit with ease.

Russian Ballet Sleeping Beauty

It’s the experience of a lifetime to see this age old art in action. Right where it evolved from art to a science.

Russian Ballet must be seen to be believed, it’s just that good.

Where you can see it: